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The world demands organic fertilizer, thus PeruGuano provides all the natural nutrients the plants need.

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We believe in organic food for our planet, that is the reason why we promote Guano (seabird manure), for organic agriculture, a natural fertilizer that protects the soil and keeps the environment free of contamination. We share this dream with all believers that it is possible to grow organic food for the planet. We all derserve to restore our immunological capacities and boost our natural balance in our body by consuming food free of pollution. Guano in agriculture elevates the production of healthy crop and safeguards the natural nutrients of the soil. By supporting ecological agriculture, we dream in a world that acknowledge the importance of using organic fertilizers, as Peruvian Guano.  In the past century, this product was decisive to save the European agriculture.

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Address: Calle Santander 120, Of.605, Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru

Why the world should use Guano?

Guano is:

1. A natural and complete fertilizer, contains all the nutrients the plant requires for its normal growth and development.

2. 100% organic & biodegradable, it doesn't contaminate the environment.

3. Improves the soil microbiological condition by increasing biological activity of microflora and fauna. 

4. Increases the cation exchange capacity (C.E.C.), favors the absorption and retention of water. 

5. Soluble & easily assimilated by plants (mineralized fraction). It has synergism properties with other natural products. It works in coarse soils or loose soil.

6. Improves water retention and absorption. Increases Cation Exchange Capacity – CEC and the buffer power of the floor.

7. Increases the population of Azotobacter. 

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Calle Santander 120, Miraflores, Lima 18, Peru

051 999 441 823